2 day-Flush begins tomorrow

Semi-annual full system flush notice & procedure for a planned 2 DAY FLUSH. Rolling Hills-Glencairn water main lines will be flushed from 8am-5pm on Thursday and Friday, April 22 & 23, 2021. A full system flush consists of closing and opening main water valves strategically throughout the community to run water through all the main lines and out the fire hydrants. This procedure cleans out all the water lines of sediment that can build up over time.  DO NOT USE ANY WATER during the flush. You may have water in your home sporadically throughout the day but using it will delay the restoration of supply to everyone. 

If you use water during the flush, stirred up sediment may be pulled into your house. At 5pm each day, when the flush is complete for the day, we suggest you turn on an outside hose bib and let it run about 10 minutes.

Since this is a two day flush. It is recommend to run your outside hose at the end of the day, on both days. Flushing will begin about 8am and continues until 5pm. You can use water both evenings after running your outside faucets as usual. No further calls or texts will be sent upon completion. King Water will stop flushing before 5pm in order to allow the reservoirs to partially refill prior to community use.

Keycards are in the mail!!

Keycards for the gate are in the mail. If you have turned in your application, you should be receiving it in the next couple of days. The key will be required for vehicle access beginning tomorrow April 21st. A letter with the rules you agreed to are included. Please review them and remember you will need the key for both entry and exit, so close the gate behind yourself.

Pending Water Shut off Notice for April 15th!

In preparation for the full system flush next week, King Water will be cleaning the large reservoir this Thursday, April 15th. This means that water will be shut off at the main from 9am-5pm. I apologize, I would have notified you in the newsletter, if I had known sooner.

To answer some of your questions from the last shut off/repair day.

  1. There is about 500,000 gallons of water in the main lines, this means that many people will still have limited water throughout the day because of gravity. Once that water is used, there won’t be more until they are finished.
  2. As a precaution, you should always flush your outside faucets after any water event.  
  3. I will send out a reminder robo-text or call Wednesday evening, but full water service will resume by 5pm on the Thursday, you won’t receive another notification to say it’s done. It will be done by 5pm.
  4. FYI. The allotted amount of information that can be shared on a robo-calls & texts is limited. If your call/text isn’t clear, go to the website rollinghillsglencairn.com or Rolling Hills Glencairn Neighborhood Watch Facebook page for details.


March 12, 2021 The water system will be shut down today from 9am-5pm today. There was a malfunction with the valve system in the water plant. It will be an all day repair.

After any water event it is a good idea to flush your outside faucets.

Full System Flush

The full system flush is scheduled for Tuesday & Wednesday, April 21 & 22. The flush will require 2 days to complete this time. The procedure will be similar to previous months, except that daytime water will be restricted for 2 days instead of only 1 day and evening flushing will be required at the end of both days. If you would like phone or text notifications, please be sure we have a current phone number on file in the office.

Flush your Lines

The main reservoir has now been de-chlorinated. Water in the main lines still have high chlorine levels. In order to move that higher chlorinated water through the system, everyone should run water through their outside faucets as they would for a normal flush. The more water that passes through the system the faster it will be cleared out for everyone.

High Chlorine Notice

Chlorine levels are excessively high right now. Please do not use any unfiltered water for drinking until further notice. If you are sensitive to chlorine, do not use it for bathing either. We hope to have this issue resolved by about 3-4pm this afternoon. Then we will need everyone to use a lot of water to flush their lines. I will send another message when it is ok to use water for drinking again.

Water Main Leak Repairs on Penn Cove Road

There are 2 water main leaks just found on Penn Cove Road. They are scheduled to be repaired tomorrow Wednesday, October 7th beginning at 8am. It will likely take most of the day. It is not anticipated that water service will be interrupted to the rest of the community, but there is always a possibility when they are flushing the line to clear it before turning service back on. So, if you notice a decrease in water pressure or no water at all, close your faucets, wait 30 minutes then try it again. If there is still an issue, give the office a call (360-678-7446) or leave a message on the Rolling Hills Glencairn Neighborhood Watch facebook post. We will be monitoring it for messages.

COVID-19 Support

If you are having difficulty making your monthly water/HOA payments due to the Covid-19 pandemic, please contact the office to discuss it and make payment arrangements. Customer assistance is available, but you must reach out to receive it.

Don’t panic about the missing gate paperwork!

Yes, I know I forgot to include the gate paperwork in the billing statements last week. If you’re desperate for it, you can go to >Amenities >Pier on this website and print your own or you can wait for it to be delivered next month. There is no rush as the lock is not installed yet.