Mowing Policy

Rolling Hills has all vacant lots and unkempt residential yards mowed twice yearly as required by Island County.  Each mowing must be done by June 1st & August 1st.  If your yard/lot is not being mowed, and you are not already on the mowing list, but would like to be, please call the office to get on the schedule.  These rules are for all.  It is every owner’s and tenant’s responsibility to keep their entire lot free of the tall grasses and noxious weeds, not just right around their house. 

This mowing also helps us reduce noxious weeds! Tansy Ragwort, Scotch Broom, and Canada thistle are the most common nuisances in our neighborhood. Look around your property, fence lines, driveways, flowerbeds and ditches and remove any noxious weeds & tall grasses that may be lurking around.

Noxious Weeds

Noxious weeds are undesirable non-native plants that are often highly destructive and extremely competitive with native plants, making them very difficult to control.  These weeds destroy native plant and animal habitats; they damage recreational areas, clog waterways, lower land values, and poison humans and animals. Be sure to check out your ditches and roadsides.  For more information regarding these and other noxious weeds, visit

Ditch Maintenance

According to  the Island County, ditch maintenance is the Road Department’s responsibility.  They schedule cutting twice a year and do other maintenance as needed.  If you want your ditches to have a more manicured look, you will have to do it yourself. If your ditches are not getting mowed twice a year, please call the Island Co. Road Shop at 360-679-1331.