Water issues today

Just got off the phone with king water. They’ve been trying all to pressurize the system all day but have been unable to produce more water than the system is consuming, therefore the pumps won’t stay running. If you have open faucets please close them. If you have water, pause using it. If you possibly have a leak under your house shut the water off at the main. We need to try to get the reservoir full in order to keep up with consumption. King will try one more time this evening but if there’s not enough water they won’t try again until tomorrow morning.

8:30 pm update-King water was just at the water plant again. The reservoir is only at 1/4 full which is not enough to send out. They will not be restoring service tonight

9:30 am update-The system now has pressure but the reservoir is still very low. Some have air in their lines, toilets gurgling, dirty water, etc. this will settle out if we don’t all overwhelm the system now. Conserve today as much as possible. Minimal usage. Check for leaks in your own system. If there is conservation today, we hope the reservoir will have enough time to completely recuperate