Good Neighbor Guidelines

Neighborhood Watch

If you are interested in joining our neighborhood watch Facebook page you can ask them to join the group.  It is a private page, administered by Emily Hadsall and Ruby Hall. If you have something you’d like to add to the page, send a private request.  Items should be “community awareness” in nature, not neighbor complaints. 


No Fireworks are allowed on the beach or on any Rolling Hills-Glencairn Community properties.  This includes the clubhouse area, parking lots, basketball court, baseball field, beach, and picnic area next to the beach. 

Legal fireworks are permitted only on private property during Island County designated days and times. The 2019 allowed fireworks discharge times are July 3rd 9am-11pm, July 4th 9am-midnight, July 5th 9am-11pm and Dec 31st & Jan 1st 6pm until 1am.  Burn bans may also prohibit the use of any fireworks, please be aware.  Violators will be reported to the Island County Sheriff.


You may love your pets, whether they be dogs, cats, birds, chickens, rabbits, ferrets or another animals, your neighbors may not. Be a good neighbor, and be responsible for your pets.

Keep chickens in your yard, away from property lines and shielded from view (sharing your eggs might reduce complaints from your neighbors).

Cats lives are shortened when they live outside. Roaming cats can be a nuisance for neighbors who are allergic or dislike cleaning up cat waste. Try planting catnip and do what else you can to keep your cats in your own yard.

Dogs must be kept on your own property unless they are on a leash walking with you. Barking and roaming dogs are among the most common complaints the office receives. Signs are posted at the beach and basketball court reminding you to clean up after your dogs. Carry plastic bags when you walk your dogs and dispose of them in a covered garbage can. Protect our aquifer and Penn Cove from bacteria and regularly pick up and dispose of your dog’s waste in your yard. Complaints about excessive barking and roaming dogs should be made to the Island County Sheriff’s non-emergency dispatch number, 360-679-9567.

Garbage day

Living in Island County allows us options for our trash disposal.  If you take your garbage directly to the Solid Waste facility in Coupeville, it must be stored in closed secured containers and must be removed every 14 days or less per Island County Code.  If you have Island  Disposal pick up your trash on Tuesdays (Fridays for Glencairn), secured lids are very important!  Trash in neighborhood ditches is unsightly and attracts vermin, insects, and other pests.  Keep cans secured with lids until collection or “dump” day.  Put away your cans as soon as possible after collection to reduce the risk of them being a hazard to vehicles.  Take note of your ditches and keep them clean and debris free.  Island Disposal will not pick up trash that has fallen out or been pulled out by birds or wind.

Update from Island Disposal: Effective immediately, garbage drivers will be instructed to not service any any waste outside of your cart or container that is not properly secured in either a sealed bag or container that can be disposed of without opening. Further we are requesting that all garbage items inside your residential or commercial container be fully contained in properly sealed bags. This is a precaution during the COVID-19 crisis and we ask for your assistance to help keep our employees and community members safe.