King Water will be working on an upgrade in the water plant over the next 3 days (December 15-17, Wed-Thurs). Please conserve water during this time. Water pressure and chlorine levels should remain normal, but we will be unable to produce more water to refill the reservoirs during the process. For everyone’s sake, decrease water consumption whenever possible.

Additional information. This change in the water plant should not be affecting residential water pressure but any time there is work in the water plant, it’s always a possibility. Actively conserving water means reduce the number of flushes, don’t let the faucet run, don’t do laundry unless necessary, short showers, don’t refill the hot tub and any other method to conserve you can think of. We will be using water from the reservoirs and will not be able to produce any more to refill them until the work is complete. Estimated time of completion is Friday afternoon.