Done for Today

Flushing is done for today but the reservoir still needs time to recover before flushing your residential lines.

All of Sidney and all the streets north of Sidney were done today including Allyson, Paul, Mark, Lisa and the north ends of Donald and Riepma. So those residents should run your outside lines to finish your part of the flush after 5pm.

If you live on any other street, you do not need to run your outside faucets today. The next section will be done next Tuesday, October 25, 8am to 5pm

No Text message alerts this flush!

For those of you who did not get a text reminder about the flush tomorrow…it appears that we are required to prove that you are all customers and are actually opting-in to receive text message notices from the office regarding this. We”ll have to determine what kind of documentation we need and send it out for verification. Watch for it in an upcoming newsletter. So for this flush, text message updates when finished will not be sent out. Call the office if you have any questions 360-678-7446.

FLUSH Tuesday 10/18, Tuesday 10/25 & Thursday 10/27

UPDATED FULL SYSTEM FLUSH PROCEDURE.  Rolling Hills-Glencairn main water lines will be flushed on Tuesday, October 18th and Tuesday, October 25th with Thursday, October 27 as the 3rd day if needed. Flushing begins at 8am and continues each day until 5pm.If the flush continues to the 3rd day, the signs at the entrances to the community will not be removed until the flush is 100% complete.

A full system flush consists of closing and opening main water valves strategically throughout the community to run water through all the main lines and out the fire hydrants. This process cleans out all the water lines of sediment that can build up over time. DO NOT USE ANY WATER during the flushing. You may have water in your home sporadically throughout the days but using it will only delay the restoration of supply to everyone.

If you use water during the flush, it may pull water in the wrong direction and stirred up sediment will be pulled into your house or one of your neighbors. When the flushing is complete, we suggest you turn on an outside hose bib and let it run until you see that it runs clear (about 10-15 minutes, depending on how far the hose bib is from the main).  

Recently, King Water has been flushing in sections, so only the streets that were actually flushed need to run their own faucet to complete the flush in their area. There is no need to run faucets if your street was not done. The website will be updated at the end of each flush day with the streets that were flushed and any other pertinent information.

You will know when the flush is completed when the signs are removed from community entrances and if there is a current phone number on file for you in the office, you will receive a “Robo-call or Robo-text” from RHGC as the sender with the notification. Please update your contact information if you do not receive a notice.

Flush complete 5/4/22

The full system flush is complete. Sediment is stirred up during a flush. If you live on Douglas, Arnold, Glencairn, Circle, Gabrielson and Penn Cove Roads, you should run your outside faucets today. You are participating in completing the flush by running your portion of the lines until you see that the water runs clear. All other streets were flushed on previous days, so those residents do not need to run outside faucets again unless you did not run your faucets after the previous days of flushing. It is possible for chlorine levels to be higher than normal after any water event, but it is not anticipated that it will be after this one. 

Flush Resumes May 2nd & 4th

The north end of the system flushing was completed last week. Sidney Street southward flushing will resume on Monday, May 2nd. Flushing will pause for 1 day to let the reservoir recover then continue Wednesday, May 4th. Both days flushing will be 8am to 5pm. No one should be using water these hours no matter where they live in the system. You should not need to flush your outside lines if you live north of Sidney Street. Pressure fluctuations will affect all of the community those days and we need the water for the flush. Run your outside faucets after 5pm both days.

Flush Suspended

The reservoir was unable to recoup overnight from yesterday’s flushing. The flush has been suspended for today and will not continue. There is no need to flush your outside lines today. Resume water usage but continue to conserve when you can. King water will be working on some projects in the water plant that may help increase production. We have tentatively scheduled the continuation of the flush for Monday, May 2nd and Wednesday May 4th. We’ll keep you updated.


The Rob-call text and call reminders are set up to go out at 6:30 tonight for flushing on Wednesday and Thursday. If you do not get the call or text and would like to, please email the office at [email protected] and make sure you do not have SMS messaging blocked on your phone.

For many of us this is a repeat reminder but there has been a lot of transition in the neighborhood lately. Also, changing from a 1 day to a 2 day flush, hopefully all will take an opportunity to review the procedure and do your part.

Rolling Hills-Glencairn water main lines will be flushed from 8am-5pm on Wednesday & Thursday April 20 & 21, 2022. A full system flush consists of closing and opening main water valves strategically throughout the community to run water through all the main lines and out the fire hydrants. This procedure cleans out all the water lines of sediment that builds up over time. 

DO NOT USE ANY WATER during the flush. You may have water in your home sporadically throughout the day but using it will delay the restoration of supply to everyone. If you use water during the flush, stirred up sediment may be pulled into your house. At 5pm each day, when the flush is complete for the day, we suggest you turn on an outside hose bib and let it run about 10 minutes. You are actually participating in the flush by finishing off the line to your residence.

Since this is a two day flush. It is recommend to run your outside hose at 5pm on both days. Flushing will begin about 8am and continues until 5pm. You can use water both evenings after running your outside faucets as usual. No further calls or texts will be sent upon completion. King Water will stop flushing before 5pm in order to allow the reservoirs to partially refill prior to community use.

If the flush is NOT complete with in the 2 day scheduled time period. It will continue on to a third day (Friday) and the same procedures would be followed at your own residences.

Conserve Water Notice

King Water says we’re having some electrical issues in the water plant. The reservoir is not filling automatically as it should. Hence, the water levels in the reservoir are very low. Please do your best for the next few days to actively conserve whenever possible. Shorter showers, avoid laundry, flush less, etc. Whatever you can do to conserve will help. Thanks!

Service restored

Water service is restored-conserve water until levels are fully re-established in the reservoir-the timing of this solely dependent on consumer usage!

What happened… On Sunday afternoon, the air compressor unplugged itself from the wall. This caused the system not to request water be made. In the mean time, water was being consumed at normal or even higher rates because of the freeze. The reservoir was drained completely. Additionally, the warning light outside the water plant burned out at the same time so it went un-noticed. The current rate of fill is less than half the demand rate which makes it critical to conserve water.

Minimal usage means flush your toilets and use only as needed not laundry and dishwashers. If you have colored water, please bare with us as we currently do not have enough to flush outside lines now. Please wait until tomorrow.

Water issues today

Just got off the phone with king water. They’ve been trying all to pressurize the system all day but have been unable to produce more water than the system is consuming, therefore the pumps won’t stay running. If you have open faucets please close them. If you have water, pause using it. If you possibly have a leak under your house shut the water off at the main. We need to try to get the reservoir full in order to keep up with consumption. King will try one more time this evening but if there’s not enough water they won’t try again until tomorrow morning.

8:30 pm update-King water was just at the water plant again. The reservoir is only at 1/4 full which is not enough to send out. They will not be restoring service tonight

9:30 am update-The system now has pressure but the reservoir is still very low. Some have air in their lines, toilets gurgling, dirty water, etc. this will settle out if we don’t all overwhelm the system now. Conserve today as much as possible. Minimal usage. Check for leaks in your own system. If there is conservation today, we hope the reservoir will have enough time to completely recuperate