Low water pressure

We are decommissioning one of our non-functioning wells in the water plant tomorrow, Tuesday, April 25th 10am-12pm. You should expect to have lower water pressure during these hours. The generator will be powering on only 1 well and 1 booster pump for the duration of the work.

Flushing is done!

King Water has finished the full system flush. Sediment is stirred up during a flush. If you live South of Arnold Rd, you should run your outside faucets after 5pm today. You are participating in completing the flush by running your portion of the lines until you see that the water runs clear. All other streets were flushed on previous days, so those residents do not need to run outside faucets again unless you did not run your faucets after the previous days of flushing. It is possible for chlorine levels to be higher than normal after any water event, but it is not anticipated that it will be after this one. Thank you for your patience.

Thursday flush update

The Flushing signs keep blowing down, I have not taken them down. Flushing is done for Thursday but there is still a small section that will need to be done tomorrow (Friday.)
If you live on Riepma Ave (South of Sidney to Arnold), Shawn Ave, Diane Ave, Carl Ave, Donald Ave (South of Sidney to Arnold), Phillip St, Sharon Ave and Douglas St. Your lines were flushed today. These residents should run your outside lines to finish your part of the flush on your street after 5pm today.
If you live in Glencairn, or on any other street that was flushed yesterday, you do not need to run your outside faucets today. The last section (Everything south of Arnold Rd) will be done tomorrow. Friday, April 21, 8am to 5pm.
All residents should refrain from using water Friday, 8am-5pm. Even though you may have water, the water is needed to clear the lines. We will let you all know as soon as we are 100% done.

Flush ended for today.

Flushing is done for today but the reservoir still needs time to recover before flushing your residential lines.

If you live on Sidney St, Allyson St, Paul Ave, Mark St, Lisa St or on Donald Ave (North of Sidney), your street was flushed today. These residents should run your outside lines to finish your part of the flush on your street after 5pm today.

If you live on any other street, you do not need to run your outside faucets today. The next section will be done in 2 days. Thursday, April 20, 8am to 5pm.

Everyone, should refrain from using water Thursday, 8am-5pm.

FYI: Some residences are scheduled for a planned power outage on Thursday. This should not affect the flush; it should continue as planned.

Flush Reminder April 18, 20 & 21

UPDATED FULL SYSTEM FLUSH PROCEDURE.  Rolling Hills-Glencairn main water lines will be flushed on Tuesday, April 18th and Thursday, April 20th with Friday, April 21st as the 3rd day if needed. Flushing begins at 8am and continues each day until 5pm.If the flush continues to the 3rd day, the signs at the entrances to the community will not be removed until the flush is 100% complete.

A full system flush consists of closing and opening main water valves strategically throughout the community to run water through all the main lines and out the fire hydrants. This process cleans out all the water lines of sediment that can build up over time. DO NOT USE ANY WATER during the flushing. You may have water in your home sporadically throughout the days but using it will only delay the restoration of supply to everyone.

If you use water during the flush, it may pull water in the wrong direction and stirred up sediment will be pulled into your house or one of your neighbors. When the flushing is complete, we suggest you turn on an outside hose bib and let it run until you see that it runs clear (about 10-15 minutes, depending on how far the hose bib is from the main). 

Recently, King Water has been flushing in sections, so only the streets that were actually flushed need to run their own faucet to complete the flush in their area. There is no need to run outside faucets if your street was not done. The website will be updated at the end of each flush day with the streets that were flushed and any other pertinent information.

You will know when the flush is completed when the signs are removed from community entrances and if there is a current phone number on file for you in the office, you will receive a “Robo-call or Robo-text” from RHGC as the sender with the notification. Please update your contact information if you do not receive a notice.

Board Meeting 4/11/2023

For those of you who are interested; representatives from WA State & Island County DOH will be at the next board meeting on Tuesday, April 11 @ 7pm to discuss our water system. All are welcome to attend.

USPS Request

If you have pot holes in front of your mailbox, USPS may hold your mail and/or close your mailbox. Our new mail carrier is asking community members to proactively fill the pot holes before she starts delivering complaint notices. The best rock for this is 5/8 minus, which can be purchased at Maillards Landing Nursery by the 5 gallon bucket for $2 dollars. Miles Sand & Gravel also sells gravel.

Flushing is done!

King Water finished the flush for everyone today! It did take them a little longer and used more water from the reservoir than planned, so, please wait as long as you can before using water to let the reservoir recover. (At least 6pm if possible). If you live south of Sidney Street, you will run your outside faucets later today. Sidney street and the rest of the streets north were done last week so should not need to run outside faucets today.

This means that there is NO FLUSHING Thursday, October 27th! Yay!

Reminder for October 25

Some of the flushing signs have blown over so this is a quick reminder that the flush continues tomorrow, October 25th 8 am to 5pm. I’m expecting they’ll be working on the center section of the community but ALL should still refrain from using water during those hours. I’ll update you all tomorrow when I know which streets were flushed.