Gate Opening Instructions

To answer some questions about the gate and passes. You will receive 1 keycard and 2 hang tags. The hang tags have your individual account numbers on them and can be transferred to your other vehicles if you have more than 2 vehicles. The account numbers are the same as your Rolling Hills billing accounts.

There is no electricity at the beach so you must open and close the gate manually.
Hold the keycard next to the black box below the keypad. The lock will open, you turn the handle and swing the gate open. Drive in and close the gate behind you. When leaving, follow the same procedure in reverse. There is a black box below the keypad on both sides. IF YOU ALLOW OTHER VEHICLES IN WITHOUT THEIR OWN KEYCARD, THEY WILL BE LOCKED IN. You need the keycard for entry and exit. The keypad is there for programming purposes. If you try to use it, you will have to wait 30 seconds for it to reset so you can try your card again.