2 day-Flush begins tomorrow

Semi-annual full system flush notice & procedure for a planned 2 DAY FLUSH. Rolling Hills-Glencairn water main lines will be flushed from 8am-5pm on Thursday and Friday, April 22 & 23, 2021. A full system flush consists of closing and opening main water valves strategically throughout the community to run water through all the main lines and out the fire hydrants. This procedure cleans out all the water lines of sediment that can build up over time.  DO NOT USE ANY WATER during the flush. You may have water in your home sporadically throughout the day but using it will delay the restoration of supply to everyone. 

If you use water during the flush, stirred up sediment may be pulled into your house. At 5pm each day, when the flush is complete for the day, we suggest you turn on an outside hose bib and let it run about 10 minutes.

Since this is a two day flush. It is recommend to run your outside hose at the end of the day, on both days. Flushing will begin about 8am and continues until 5pm. You can use water both evenings after running your outside faucets as usual. No further calls or texts will be sent upon completion. King Water will stop flushing before 5pm in order to allow the reservoirs to partially refill prior to community use.