Pending Water Shut off Notice for April 15th!

In preparation for the full system flush next week, King Water will be cleaning the large reservoir this Thursday, April 15th. This means that water will be shut off at the main from 9am-5pm. I apologize, I would have notified you in the newsletter, if I had known sooner.

To answer some of your questions from the last shut off/repair day.

  1. There is about 500,000 gallons of water in the main lines, this means that many people will still have limited water throughout the day because of gravity. Once that water is used, there won’t be more until they are finished.
  2. As a precaution, you should always flush your outside faucets after any water event.  
  3. I will send out a reminder robo-text or call Wednesday evening, but full water service will resume by 5pm on the Thursday, you won’t receive another notification to say it’s done. It will be done by 5pm.
  4. FYI. The allotted amount of information that can be shared on a robo-calls & texts is limited. If your call/text isn’t clear, go to the website or Rolling Hills Glencairn Neighborhood Watch Facebook page for details.