Service restored

Water service is restored-conserve water until levels are fully re-established in the reservoir-the timing of this solely dependent on consumer usage!

What happened… On Sunday afternoon, the air compressor unplugged itself from the wall. This caused the system not to request water be made. In the mean time, water was being consumed at normal or even higher rates because of the freeze. The reservoir was drained completely. Additionally, the warning light outside the water plant burned out at the same time so it went un-noticed. The current rate of fill is less than half the demand rate which makes it critical to conserve water.

Minimal usage means flush your toilets and use only as needed not laundry and dishwashers. If you have colored water, please bare with us as we currently do not have enough to flush outside lines now. Please wait until tomorrow.

Water issues today

Just got off the phone with king water. They’ve been trying all to pressurize the system all day but have been unable to produce more water than the system is consuming, therefore the pumps won’t stay running. If you have open faucets please close them. If you have water, pause using it. If you possibly have a leak under your house shut the water off at the main. We need to try to get the reservoir full in order to keep up with consumption. King will try one more time this evening but if there’s not enough water they won’t try again until tomorrow morning.

8:30 pm update-King water was just at the water plant again. The reservoir is only at 1/4 full which is not enough to send out. They will not be restoring service tonight

9:30 am update-The system now has pressure but the reservoir is still very low. Some have air in their lines, toilets gurgling, dirty water, etc. this will settle out if we don’t all overwhelm the system now. Conserve today as much as possible. Minimal usage. Check for leaks in your own system. If there is conservation today, we hope the reservoir will have enough time to completely recuperate

Thank you for conserving!

The small reservoir to basin conversion is done and there’s enough water in the large reservoir to use water normally again. Thanks for conserving the last couple of days.


King Water will be working on an upgrade in the water plant over the next 3 days (December 15-17, Wed-Thurs). Please conserve water during this time. Water pressure and chlorine levels should remain normal, but we will be unable to produce more water to refill the reservoirs during the process. For everyone’s sake, decrease water consumption whenever possible.

Additional information. This change in the water plant should not be affecting residential water pressure but any time there is work in the water plant, it’s always a possibility. Actively conserving water means reduce the number of flushes, don’t let the faucet run, don’t do laundry unless necessary, short showers, don’t refill the hot tub and any other method to conserve you can think of. We will be using water from the reservoirs and will not be able to produce any more to refill them until the work is complete. Estimated time of completion is Friday afternoon.

Happy Holidays!

The office will be closed November 25th & 26th for Thanksgiving and December 24th for Christmas Eve so office staff can enjoy some time with their families.

Continued Flushing Today 9-27-21

Please limit your water use in the community today. King Water was unable to complete the full system flush last week. They will be finishing the flush today on Reipma, Douglas, Glencairn, Penn Cove Gabrielson and Circle. If you live on these streets, you’ll need to flush your outside lines after 4pm today. If you live in the rest of the community, you may notice pressure fluctuations but should only need to flush your outside lines if you notice discolored water. Call the office at 360-678-7446 if you have any questions.

2 Day Flush Reminder September 22 & 23

Semi-annual full system flush notice & procedure for a planned 2 DAY FLUSH. Rolling Hills-Glencairn water main lines will be flushed from 8am-5pm on Wednesday & Thursday September 22 & 23, 2021. A full system flush consists of closing and opening main water valves strategically throughout the community to run water through all the main lines and out the fire hydrants. This procedure cleans out all the water lines of sediment that can build up over time.  DO NOT USE ANY WATER during the flush. You may have water in your home sporadically throughout the day but using it will delay the restoration of supply to everyone. If you use water during the flush, stirred up sediment may be pulled into your house. At 5pm each day, when the flush is complete for the day, we suggest you turn on an outside hose bib and let it run about 10 minutes.

Since this is a two day flush. It is recommend to run your outside hose at 5pm on both days. Flushing will begin about 8am and continues until 5pm. You can use water both evenings after running your outside faucets as usual. No further calls or texts will be sent upon completion. King Water will stop flushing before 5pm in order to allow the reservoirs to partially refill prior to community use.

Easing of Pool Restrictions

Beginning Tuesday, June 29th. We’re finally easing up on the restrictions at the POOL although we still have some requirements to meet in order to maintain recommended distancing guidelines at the pool.

You must have a current pool card to use the pool. Visit our Rules & Reservations at Pool Schedule & Reservations – Rolling Hills Glencairn Community for more information. This is another year of adjustments and change and we will do our best!

Annual Pier Inspection this Thursday & Friday

The Annual Pier Inspection is scheduled for the negative tides this week. Thursday & Friday, June 24 & 25 at 10:30 am. In order to inspect the pilings they all need to be scraped, so community help would be much appreciated. Wear a hat & rubber boots, bring a shovel & gloves and help the community out. Besides feeling good about serving in the community, pizza and sodas will be served.

Gate Opening Instructions

To answer some questions about the gate and passes. You will receive 1 keycard and 2 hang tags. The hang tags have your individual account numbers on them and can be transferred to your other vehicles if you have more than 2 vehicles. The account numbers are the same as your Rolling Hills billing accounts.

There is no electricity at the beach so you must open and close the gate manually.
Hold the keycard next to the black box below the keypad. The lock will open, you turn the handle and swing the gate open. Drive in and close the gate behind you. When leaving, follow the same procedure in reverse. There is a black box below the keypad on both sides. IF YOU ALLOW OTHER VEHICLES IN WITHOUT THEIR OWN KEYCARD, THEY WILL BE LOCKED IN. You need the keycard for entry and exit. The keypad is there for programming purposes. If you try to use it, you will have to wait 30 seconds for it to reset so you can try your card again.